Liberia: Medicinal Marijuana Factory for Liberia?


Reports from Liberia’s consular office in New York, quoting reliable sources, say some United States based pharmaceutical companies have expressed interest in establishing a pharmaceutical plant in Liberia to produce medicines from the marijuana plant.

Sources further say a business delegation from the US is expected in the country shortly to begin discussions with relevant officials including officials of the National Investment Commission, the Ministry of Health and those of the National Pharmacy Board as well as with officials of the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Speaking to the Daily Observer under condition of anonymity, a local health official noted that there is a general perception that the large percentage of mentally challenged individuals parading the streets of Monrovia, including “Zogos” are drug addicts. He said while this may be true, it is however questionable whether such addiction is actually from marijuana use or the use of hard drugs such as, heroin, codeine, traumadol and cocaine, especially crack cocaine commonly called “dugee.”

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