Far-right leader says won’t join next Israeli government unless it agrees to legalize marijuana


The surprise package of the Israeli election campaign, Moshe Feiglin, told a packed crowd in Tel Aviv Saturday that his Zehut party will not join any government that doesn’t agree to legalize marijuana.

He explained that “the whole issue of legalization” is part of something that is “much bigger” than just marijuana — “and that is called freedom.”

Feiglin told a mixed crowd of some 150 people at the English-language event at the Ichud Olam synagogue that “elder people and sick people who need [marijuana] do not get it. Not only do they suffer because of that; some of them are simply dying.

“One of them is located number nine on our list, by the way — Ron Tsafrir, who needed that medical cannabis. Once he stopped getting it, he did not get the approval to continue getting it, his disease came back and now he is in tremendous danger. We put [him] on our list to show how serious we are about it,” Feiglin said.

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