Charlie Sheen is launching his own line of cannabis vapes


Hollywood star Charlie Sheen is launching his own line of cannabis vapes – after growing sick of bootleggers naming quirky marijuana strains after him.

And the newly-sober actor tells DailyMailTV exclusively that the irony of Hollywood’s wild man getting clean, then launching a cannabis line, isn’t lost on him.

In January, the 53-year-old star revealed that he has been sober for one year after an infamous drug addiction meltdown, and has ditched booze, drugs and porn stars for exercise, healthy meals and has a 9pm bedtime in a miraculous recovery.

Sheen, who starred in hit movies Wall Street, Platoon and Major League, said he was prompted to start a cannabis line after his business partners told him other growers were cashing in on his famous name.

‘They said, you know, we see your name so ingrained in the marijuana industry. And it’s all bootlegged essentially, I’ve never made a nickel off of it. That didn’t seem fair,’ he told DailyMailTV exclusively.

Sheenius, the actor’s vape line, has a variety of quirkily-named flavors including ‘MaliBlu Dream’, ‘Milli’s Vanilla’, ‘Grandma’s Perfume’ and ‘Clown Mace’, some inspired by his TV and movie catchphrases.

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