Best cities in the US for a cannabis


THE NUMBER OF STATES that allow recreational cannabis is rapidly growing. It’s inspiring a new class of travelers — the cannabis class — to get out of their homes to visit places where weed is warmly embraced. Even for the least experienced, the legal experience is a curiosity for people passing through on pleasure or business.

Yet not all cities are created equal. Some cities in recreational states don’t allow sales while others lack the infrastructure to have a solid selection of shops or activities. The best cities, however, are an experience. Book your flight, learn about what to expect on your first dispensary visit, and get going to the best cities in the US for a cannabis vacation.

1. San Francisco

Few places are as important to pro-cannabis activism as San Francisco and nearby Oakland and Berkeley. It’s never been difficult to find weed in the city, but recreational dispensaries have made it easier than ever. Come for the hippie culture history, stay for the selection of pot-friendly activities.

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