Upgrade: For these ‘marijuana moms,’ working in weed lets their families live the high life


Jane West has gotten high with Snoop Dogg, been busted by the SWAT team, and fired from her job for vaping.

At first glance, no one would suspect that West, 42, is anything other than the affluent suburban mom she is, with a fresh blow-out, tortoiseshell glasses and polished pencil skirt. It’s the pin on her conservative black blazer – a silver marijuana leaf – that gives her away. The mom to two boys, ages 11 and 8, is also the founder of a 50,000-plus-member cannabis networking group, a successful line of bongs and pipes, and most recently a CBD collection.

Like West, you’d never guess that Rosie Mattio, a bubbly mom of four kids all age 10 or under, works in weed. The Boston University-educated brunette, who does public relations for cannabis companies such as marijuana dating app High There, seems like every other mom in her daughter’s carpool line. That is, until she jumps

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