Heroin now legal if sold with slogan “When the fun stops, stop”.


It was announced today that selling class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine will now be legal as long as accompanied with the words “When the fun stops, stop”.

It’s hoped the slogan, which has done so much to prevent online gambling becoming a ruinous habit that preys on the desperate and destroys their lives, will have the same effect for these otherwise addictive drugs.

The five-word slogan, put together by advertising agency Ogilvy and Shyster, was narrowly chosen over “If you’ve lost your job, family and friends, sold everything you own and are now shivering uncontrollably in the foetal position, you should maybe think about cutting down”.

After some initial confusion as to whether drug dealers would be required to say the words out loud during the sale, it was accepted they could simply wear them on a t-shirt, which would have the added bonus of identifying them as drug dealers in the first place.

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