Deadly Xanax craze sweeps the nation after stars glamorise anti-anxiety drug


EXCLUSIVE: Highly-addictive tablets have caused 204 deaths in the UK since 2015

Drug pushers are ruthlessly tapping into a deadly craze for anti-anxiety pills sweeping the nation, warns a top cop.

Demand for Xanax has soared in young people in Britain, fuelled by a desire for cheap “chill pills” which are linked to glamorous music stars.

But the highly-addictive tablets are potentially lethal when mixed with other drugs and booze.

Drugs charities have connected Xanax, only available ­privately on prescription here, to 204 British deaths since 2015.

Internet dealers are importing them in batches of 5,000 at a time and brazenly selling them for as little as 70p a pop via adverts on sites such as Instagram , Snapchat and Facebook .

Nicknamed Xannies, the popularity of the sedatives has rocketed after being mentioned in songs by

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