Marijuana Motifs Go From Hippie to High (Jewelry, That Is)


The fine jewelry industry has gone to pot.

In late January, Lucia Silvestri, creative director of Bulgari, attended the 2019 Town & Country Jewelry Awards in New York wearing a $320,000 bib-style necklace of gold cannabis leaves encrusted with diamonds and rubies. A week later, in Los Angeles, she donned a sister necklace in yellow gold, this one adorned with diamond medallions bearing cutouts of the same distinctive leaf.

At first glance, the spiky silhouette of Ms. Silvestri’s Happy Leaves necklaces — part of Bulgari’s 2018 Wild Pop range, named collection of the year by Town & Country — might look like an innocent reference to Mother Nature. But to anyone with a passing familiarity with marijuana, there was no mistaking her message.

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