CANNABIS CORNER: The Legislative Outlook


So, not sure where and what cannabis legislation is moving through the statehouses and local jurisdictions?

Cowen & Co. shared with Traders Magazine its Cannabis Tracker update – a bi-weekly rolling update on cannabis legislation in individual states.

Here is a summary of the latest report, State Lines by Eric Assaraf of Cowen’s Washington Research Group.

The New Stuff:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) recently signed a bill that eliminates the state’s ban on smokable medical cannabis. Source: Bloomberg

A bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana in New Jersey was up for discussion today at legislative hearings in the Assembly Appropriations and Senate Judiciary Committees, setting up a potential final vote as soon as March 25. Source: Marijuana Moment

New Mexico is poised to become the next state to decriminalize marijuana as lawmakers approved legislation to remove criminal penalties for cannabis possession early Saturday morning. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. Source: Marijuana Moment


Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer (R) signed new regulations into law on March 12 that will allow Alaska residents to consume cannabis at licensed dispensaries later this year. Some states like California and Colorado allow for on-site consumption in certain locales, but Alaska is the first to do so state-wide. Source: Marijuana Moment


On March 14, legislative leaders announced a plan to legalize recreational use of marijuana via multiple bills rather than comprehensive legislation. Public hearings on the new measures are scheduled …

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