‘Miss Marijuana’ beauty pageant asking for ‘single and natural born women’ accused of sexism and transphobia


A new American beauty pageant called “Miss Marijuana” has been accused of sexism and transphobia because it stipulates contestants must be a “single (unmarried), natural born woman”.

Miss Marijuana bills itself as a national pageant competition which is based on beauty, personality and intelligence that honours “fun-loving young women”.

“Miss Marijuana is the preverbial [sic] ‘girl-next-door’ with a great attitude, is friendly, honest, approachable and confident,” reads a blurb on the pageant’s website.

“She’s the girl that makes all her boyfriend’s buddies jealous. Contestants compete state by state followed by a national contest, with the winner being crowned Miss Marijuana. Attractive, fun loving, sexy, playful, daring!”

But the beauty contest specifically states contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and single – adding that the applicant “must be a Miss or Ms”.

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