Medicinal cannabis legalisation should have been the end of my pain but nothing has changed


When the law on this changed last year, making it legal to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, I was thrilled. I thought it might mean I could finally get a medicine that would really alter my life and make it better. But the truth is, the change in law has done nothing to bring me any relief. I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 1999. MS is unpredictable and different for everyone, but for me it means fatigue, dizziness, heaviness in my limbs, tremor, visual problems, and bladder and bowel problems. The pain I get from spasticity (muscle spasms and stiffness) is particularly bad. It comes from my muscles clenching as hard as they can. At times I’m frightened that the big bones in my leg might actually snap. Afterwards I feel beaten up, as though my body has been hit by a bat. When I’m in the middle of the pain there’s nothing I can do. It stops me from sleeping, I’m often awake all night with it.

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