Cannibis Facts and How to Buy it in Nevada and Northern California


You can call it different names. Try it on various occasions. Taste different types and quality. Cannabis is right there, legal to buy, and just a step away. But what can you do to improve its effectiveness, skip stoned feeling and have the excitement you really wish to have?

Cannabis is easily obtained in Nevada at any of dozens of dispensaries around town. If you live across the state line in Northern California, you can actually have cannabis delivered to your door.

Types of Cannabis

If you are still discovering the world of marijuana, there is one thing you should know: Cannabis can make you feel high and low, depending on which type and subtype or strain you are using. It is like grape and wine – every strain has its history and unique composition of active substances – terpenes, different profile and the different expression on our feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Indica strains are perfect for relaxing with a movie, or easing your falling asleep, as it believed to be physically sedating,
Sativa, on the other hand, tends to provide more uplifting and invigorating effects that pair well with social gatherings, physical activity, and creative projects.
Hybrid strains are a combination of different indica and sativa strains. As they are breeder strains, they keep the best aspects from parental strains.
This selection is important for smokers, but today there are many different products available, for non-smokers, too. So if you are not a smoker,

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