5 Main Differences Between Smoked And Edible Marijuana


There are several ways to consume cannabis—and with it being considered legal for medical and recreational use in more U.S. states, users are becoming more open to trying new ways of taking it.

Next to smoked and puffed varieties, edible cannabis products are gaining quite a following. Unknown to many, however, their effects are different depending on the type of preparation, potency and frequency of consumption. Here are the main differences between edible weed and the smoked kind.

1. It takes the body longer to absorb edible weed.

Edible cannabis takes longer to set in. The basic rule of consuming edible weed is to start small and wait it out because the effects will likely not manifest until 30 minutes to 2 hours after. The length of time depends on the type of edible marijuana you consumed, not to mention its dosage. If you try to rush it by eating more edibles, you will regret it when the effects finally kick in. Meanwhile, the effect of smoke weed is almost instantaneous.

2. The effects of smoked marijuana are more fleeting.

The effects of smoking weed are felt almost instantly, depending on how potent

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