CBD Tanning Water Sprays


Utan’s CBD-Infused Tanning Spray is Full of Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

Utan’s CBD Tanning Water distinguishes itself from the many tanning sprays on the market for its unique CBD-infused tanning water formula. The first-of-its-kind product features organic DHA, which develops in four to six hours to provide a deep yet natural color with a colorless solution that won’t stain.

Self-tanners are notorious for having an unpleasant smell but a new wave of products that are formulated with natural ingredients are helping to change consumers’ experiences with self-tanning products. Utan’s CBD Tanning Water is naturally fragranced with soothing Scottish lavender oil, as well as other beneficial ingredients that support the skin and help to diminish inflammation. As such, Utan’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free CBD Tanning Water is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Thanks to the way the product can be lightly misted, it can be spritzed after applying makeup or other skincare products to build or

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