Sampling proposed pot laws before cannabis committee


Legislation pending to change the rules surrounding the use, sale, consumption and production of pot runs the gamut as the state enters the first full year of legalized recreational marijuana.

Notable bills include:

HIKE AGE: A proposal to increase the the age of legal consumption of marijuana from 21 to 25.

NO CANDY: Prohibit the sale of any marijuana edible that “bears a reasonable resemblance to any packaging of anything available for consumption as a candy.”

INSURANCE COVERAGE: An Act Relative to Insurance Coverage of Medical Cannabis, still in draft form, is “being worked on by House Counsel,” indicating lawyers for the House were still developing language for the proposal.

CAP POTENCY: Legislation allowing the Cannabis Control Commission to set “reasonable” limits on the potency of marijuana products and edibles.

UMASS POT CENTER: Establishing a cannabis and hemp cultivation and research center at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

DRUGGED DRIVING: Directing the Cannabis Control Commission to continue its study of drugged driving by extending the special commission on operating under the influence.

CAUGHT DRUGGED DRIVING: Blocking the suspension of a driver’s license “for refusing a test that has not been scientifically proven to indicate a level of personal impairment.”

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