‘Spice being sold at school gates to children’


Spice is being given away at school gates to get children hooked on the mind-bending drug, Metro.co.uk can reveal. The synthetic cannabis substitute was banned in 2016 but dealers now buy it online and try and entice children to start taking the drug, which can cause mental health problems. Spice can cost as little as £5 for a one gram bag and has been blamed for a rise in drug arrests and hospital admissions in recent years

Specialist in addictive behaviours Dr George Georgiou recalled a shocking case in which a six-year-old boy had to be treated for having Spice. He said: ‘A group of eight people, all related, including a six-year-old boy, were admitted to hospital with bizarre symptoms. We found out the father was in prison and the family kitchen had been used to soak paper in Spice which would be then sent into prison. ‘The six-year-old obviously became contaminated by being around the kitchen table, that is the trouble with Spice people do not know

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