Medical Cannabis for Seniors Topic, March 16


Michael Backes, researcher and author of Cannabis Pharmacy will explain why more Hawaiʻi seniors are using medical cannabis to manage age-related conditions.

“Seniors are the fastest growing group of new medical cannabis patients because many have found they can use fewer prescription drugs and many prefer cannabis to conventional painkillers for arthritis and other age-related aches and pains, severe chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma, cancer, and chemotherapy side effects,” event organizers said.

“When compared with other medications, the side effects of cannabis tend to be very mild which is why more and more physicians are recommending cannabis as a safe alternative to opioids,” said Backes. During the Lunch & Learn lecture, seniors and caregivers will also learn how to find the best cannabis product for their individual situation and how to titrate proper dosing. Backes will also describe smoke-free cannabis products available at state-licensed dispensaries.

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