Soon after getting her illicit painkillers fix via Facebook, Beth Winfield was dead


Beth Winfield’s sister, Lily Hoebers talks about her sister’s death from drowning after taking codeine, tramadol, the antidepressant amitriptyline and alcohol. Prescription opioid use in New Zealand has risen dramatically and doctors are accused of inadvertently creating thousands of addicts, many of whom don’t even know they’re dependent. In part three of ‘The Opioid Chronicles’, the family of a Hamilton woman who died shortly after buying black market codeine and tramadol share their heartbreaking story.

On the day she died, Beth Winfield texted her drug supplier, Jamie McQueen, saying she needed some codeine and tramadol pills.

She’d found McQueen on Facebook, after putting out a plea for painkillers on a buy and sell page.

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