Budding Los Angeles: Intersection of cannabis and educational institutions may soon normalize usage


Thirty years ago, buying cannabis was difficult, expensive and illegal. Buying cannabis in 2019 is somewhere between picking up a prescription from a pharmacy and buying beer from a liquor store. Join columnist John Tudhope each week as he visits cannabis companies in Los Angeles and discusses the budding industry.

I would imagine that the majority of conversations at UCLA regarding cannabis center around how to buy it and where to consume it.

But that’s changing.

Student groups on campus are eyeing the booming industry for jobs, creating events focused on social equity and engineering creative solutions to connect other students with cannabis business owners. Three distinct groups on campus – Cannaclub at UCLA, Cannabis Law Association and Cannabis Business Association – offer opportunities in the industry for undergraduate, law school and business school students. Meanwhile, UCLA’s own Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior is home to the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative – a coalition of researchers focused on cannabis and its broader impacts in society. All of these groups are focused on one thing: objectivity in the gravely misconceived topic that is cannabis.

After decades of criminalization, stigma and fear surrounding cannabis, it will take spaces such as established universities and research centers to provide reliable

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