Perspectives in veterinary medicine on the use of cannabinoids as complementary palliative therapy for pain in cancer patients


INTRODUCTION: The higher longevity associated with the prophylactic management of infectious diseases points to cancer as the main cause of morbidity and mortality in companion animals ( ANTUNES et al., 2008 ; YASBEK, 2008 ).

Pain in the cancer patient is an important clinical manifestation that results in low life expectancy and poor prognosis. Pain may be related to tumor type, invasion of adjacent tissues, metastasis, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with variable response to analgesic therapy. Many studies have called attention due to their potential therapeutic effect in the modulation of pain and inflammation. Cannabinoid derivatives are chemical compounds obtained from Cannabis that act on specific receptors.Several commercial products have already been approved in Europe and the USA for use in human patients. The present study aimed to review articles on the use of cannabinoids in the control of pain contributing to the well-being and quality of life in cancer patients undergoing palliative care. Although, there are few reports in the veterinary medical literature on the use of cannabinoids in the control of pain in dogs, it is believed that such patients can benefit from this therapeutic modality.

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