The Future of Food: plant, data, waste and wearables


The food business is about to face disruption of the sort that technology has forced on all other industries. “The role of food in our society cannot be understated. It is so much more than an energy source. Food (culture) defines us, bonds us and regrettably it also causes divisions – social and financial.” This according Jake Dubbins, founder, Media Bounty, who along with experiential agency Hot Pickle and food & drink specialist PR agency Story brought together a panel earlier this week to delve into the future of food.

Panellists included Rob Woodhall, chief executive of the Meatless Farm, Fozia Ismail, founder of Somali supper club Arawelo Eats, Ollie Lloyd, chief executive of Great British Chefs and Michelin-starred chef and nutritionist Nurdin Topham. The panel was chaired by The Drum associate editor, Sonoo Singh.

The session was kicked off by Dubbins who introduced key trends from the social listening platform Linkfluence. Social mentions of CBD oil, plant-based diets, insects as food and concern around food prices caused by Brexit are all on the rise especially in the last two months.

Here are a selection of the themes covered in the session:

Plant-based food

We need to move to more of a plant-based diet. Our planet cannot sustain the impact of increased meat production and it has been shown that eating a richer plant-based diet is

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