Medical Marijuana: Strong Stuff


A bill to settle Arizona’s cannabis concentrate commotion has passed through its first committee hearing. Though far from landing on the governor’s desk for a signture, the bill introduced by state Rep. Tony Rivero would clearly define cannabis extracts as legal in Arizona, putting to rest legal challenges that extracts are “narcotics.”

As any diligent prohibitionist would, Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk had some choice words for the bill, calling it “irresponsible” and accusing the bill’s producers of seeking profit over truly caring about medicine in written comments.

But the argument Polk used that we will discuss this week has to do with potency.

Polk wrote that “the potency level in THC extracts have reached unprecedented levels causing psychosis and harm.” We’ve covered the argument about psychosis in a recent column. The short version is that she may want to rethink using the word “causing” and consider “is linked to.”

But the potency argument has long been used to distance Boomers who may have fond memories of Grateful Dead concerts from “today’s cannabis.” By making the “new cannabis” seem

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