Cannabis next big thing, says John Teeling, the man who revived Irish whiskey


looking at his latest radical departure.

“I want to keep a very close eye on the whole cannabis sector, simply because it interferes with alcohol and it will and it’s coming, it can’t not come,” the 73-year-old veteran investor says. “I would like to be in that space somewhere, and note the ‘somewhere’ that I want to get into it. And I think I probably will,” he adds.

The father of three, who played rugby till the age of 68, also has further plans for work in the two industries he is most known in – mining and distilling.

“I will do some studies on so-called synthetic diamonds,” he says. “These are natural diamonds, you grow them in a pressure cooker, it has some major technical issues. Will they ever replace natural diamonds? No, they won’t.”

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