The value in drug research


In the roughly two years since Cramer last spoke to the CEO of Charles River Laboratories, shares of the drug research company have climbed 74 percent, the host said. And coming off of Monday’s news that Danaher bought General Electric’s biopharma business for a surprising $21.4 billion, Cramer is interested to find out what other medical companies are being undervalued on the market.

Charles River, which offers universities and bipharma companies tools to discover new drugs, reported a “fantastic” quarter earlier this month with “great” guidance, Cramer said. The stock has climbed more than 24 percent this year.

“I think the fact that this stock pulled back more than $4 today is a gift. I’d be a buyer on the weakness, do not take it from me though,” Cramer said. “Let’s go to [CEO] Jim Foster.”

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