Stab teenager ‘lied about debt’


A teenager has been accused of lying about a drug debt that he claimed led him to take part in a robbery in which a shopkeeper was stabbed to death.

Dontay Ellis, 19, could have sold some of his expensive designer clothes to settle the outstanding £200 debt he allegedly owed to a drug dealer, suggested Mr Paul Lewis, QC.

Ellis had told the jury he was wearing a Canada Goose jacket, worth several hundred pounds, True Religion jeans, a Hugo Boss T-shirt and Nike trainers on the night that Jaskaran Kang, 24, was murdered in the flat above his convenience store in Stourbridge Road, Dudley.

The jury had also heard that Ellis felt under pressure to take part in the robbery as a way of paying off his dealer after a window at his grandmother’s house, where he lived, had been allegedly smashed as a threat.

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