Rich Saudi Students Vanishing Across US After Kingdom Makes Bail On Rape, Manslaughter Charges


Wealthy Saudi Arabian students living in the United States have been vanishing while facing criminal charges, including rape, manslaughter and other felonies, reports  Oregon Live , which has conducted an investigation into the disappearances.  The Oregonian/OregonLive  uncovered five examples in Oregon  and began searching other states in late January. We’ve found similar cases in Montana,  Ohio , Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

We also found two cases in Nova Scotia: Saudi students in two separate incidents skipped bail and disappeared after being accused of sexual assault. -Oregon Live

The Oregon cases involved Saudi nationals who never appeared to face trial, or disappeared before completing a jail sentence; “two accused rapists, a pair of suspected hit-and-run drivers and one man accused of having a trove of child pornography on his computer,” reads the report.

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