Liquor- and CBD-injected robot doughnuts come to Five Points


Sometimes it’s hard to find the hook when writing restaurant opening stories, that thing that sets it apart and makes it different from everything else out there. This is not the case for Habit Carbon Five Points.

The sequel location for Habit Carbon — which combines the original Platte Street side-by-side shops into one integrated space — will serve liquor and CBD-injected robot doughnuts. (See? Every once in awhile, these stories just write themselves.)

Let’s dive into this a bit further, shall we? The brioche doughnuts can be slathered in cannabidiol (CBD) butter or filled with CBD oil, CBD coconut water, CBD cold brew coffee and even CBD kombucha. If CBD isn’t your thing, you can simply inject your doughnut with whiskey or another liquor of choice.

But wait! It gets even better! Robots make the doughnuts!

The robot doughnut-maker is set up behind the bakery counter, so yes, you can watch. A real-life human baker makes the dough and forms the rings, but then the robot cooks them up. The robot, by the way, is named “The Dude.”

“Because The Dude does what The Dude wants to do,” owner Lisa Ruskaup said.

While you’re taking a moment to process all that, we will tell you that Habit Carbon also serves coffee, sandwiches, burgers, salads, booze and breakfast all day. But since these doughnuts are delicious in addition to being, well, pretty darn gimmicky, you should definitely get one. (Or more.) (end of article)

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