DeliverySwift Technology to Assist with Cannabis Track and Trace Law Requirements


DeliverySwift technology can offer solutions to cannabis growers, dispensaries and delivery companies seeking compliance with ‘track and trace’ laws. California’s Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (METRC) requires technical expertise for growers to provide for a real-time tracking system for their cannabis inventory to comply with state law requirements.

The Track-and-Trace system, or something known as “seed to sale,” is designed to track the movement of cannabis and cannabis products from the cultivator all the way to the retailer.

DeliverySwift’s technology offers the ability for dispensaries and growers to track their shipments in real-time and with specific ID numbers, or QR codes to any location utilizing the GPS function of the DeliverySwift platform.

In addition, DeliverySwift driver pre-screening will help dispensaries adhere to internal regulatory controls of shipments en route, and relay shipment information of …

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