DPP contacts Forensic Lab over delays in poison, other toxicology results


Poison and other toxicology cases being investigated by the police or the courts are being delayed because the Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory (GFSL) is unable to conduct its tests speedily.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and some Magistrates have written to the GFL enquiring about the cause for the delays.

But Director of the Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory (GFSL) Delon France hopes to change things around by next month. He is seeking to acquire a $25M Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer to conduct these tests.

The equipment, already paid for with funds from the GFSL’s budget, will be shipped from Singapore “in six to eight weeks’ time,” France said.
Explaining the reasons for the backlog, France said that the laboratory (read further at source).

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