‘We were nice people dragged into a world of crime’


‘We were nice people dragged into a world of crime’ – family’s chilling story as dealers try to extort cash over son’s drug debts.

With dealers trying to extort cash from parents over their children’s drug debts, one family tell their chilling story to Maeve Sheehan.

We meet in a hotel outside Dublin where they hope that they won’t be recognised. They are understandably nervous because the ordeal that began for them last summer is far from over and probably never will be, they admit. Needless to say, they do not want where they live, or their names, to be published – so they go by John and Mary. Mary’s son, Tom, the source of their worry, is now in hiding.

They are living the sort of nightmare that they really ought to be binge-watching on Netflix. It’s that nightmare when your gullible teenage child starts smoking cannabis, gets lured into selling it, and ends up in hock for thousands to criminal gangs, which extort the cash from the terrified parents. To pay or not to pay becomes the paramount question. (lees na inschrijven verder bij bron).

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